Product Update!

Hello friends! Let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. Wishing you all the very best in the new year and hope that we smash our 2020 Hair Goals!

Before I get into it, I’ll just say now that the new Marula Moisture range from Ludo Beauty is currently giving me life so you’ll see their products feature quite a bit below. My hair absolutely loves the range and I love that their combo is affordable! I am over spending an arm and a leg for hair products (until Clicks traps me with their buy 2 and get the 3 one free promotion meeh!). And no I’m not being paid to say this ☺


So guess what! 2019 completely changed my views on shampooing! I actually shampoo more often now. I don’t know if it’s because I generally don’t wash my hair as much as I did before (because of mommy life) so I guess more product builds up or what. The product build up could also be because of the change in products I use as well. I haven’t really figured it out yet. But the fact of the matter is I now shampoo more because of the increased build up I experience and so I have to cleanse and clarify my scalp and hair so the moisture and nutrients I feed it during the rest of my wash day can enter.

My forever fave shampoo will always be the Renew Shampoo by Monat but unfortunately it’s not available in our region but if you’re in Canada or the USA it’s definitely worth the try. Holla at Fify for the hook up! I’m currently using the Ludo Beauty shampoo from their Marula Moisture range (surprise surprise). It definitely gets the cleaning done without making my hair feel naked and stripped of all its nutrients after washing it off. I’ve also started washing my hair once a month with liquid African Black Soap. It’s generally slightly stronger than most shampoos I’m using so while it does a better job at clarifying my hair and scalp, it tends to leave my hair feeling dry so I only use it when I feel my hair is really dirty and my product build up is heavy. I’ve also using the African black soap bar from Le Afrika but I prefer the liquid version because it is more user friendly.

CO – WASH (Conditioner – wash)

I try to co-wash mid-week to combat the dryness I’ve been experiencing recently. I’ve been so bad to my hair in the past months and so this year I’m really going to try show my hair more love and dedicate more time to it. It’s funny how now I hardly co-wash on my official wash days and shampoo instead. But the same logic remains applicable, if you feel your hair is not that dirty or you don’t have much product build up rather co-wash because it still cleans the hair but conditions it in the same process. Win – Win vibes. The co-wash by I AM remains my favourite and I am yet to find anything better.


The only conditioner I’m using is from the Marula Moisture range. It is life! Also it’s a really great detangler! It gives my hair a nice slip so I don’t spend as much time detangling which is amazing if your wash day time is limited! I wish the bottle was bigger though! I get through a bottle so quick coz of my long and dense hair!


On my lazy days, I leave the Ludo Conditioner I spoke about above on after detangling to deep condition. I either throw on my shower cap or use my electric steamer hat. So another plus is that the conditioner also doubles up as a deep conditioner – hooray! BUT top of my list remains the Herbal Treatment by Fro Girls! It is undisputedly my favourite and leading deep conditioner! See the product review I did on it a while back for more info! It is just that great guys!


I generally do a protein treatment once a month or every second month depending on how my hair feels. So for one wash day I replace the deep conditioning step with a protein treatment. I get some people ask me what to do when their hair feels too soft and feeble or when it’s breaking excessively. This is good treatment for that. I either use the hair mayonnaise from Originals or I whip up my own mix with mayo,some eggs and olive oil from the kitchen.


I don’t do hot oil treatments as much as I should, but when I do I use my favourite oil… yup you guessed right! – I heat up the Afro Natural regrowth oil, apply it along my hair and massage it into my scalp then I go under my electric steamer hat for 30mins max. My hair always feels like a dream after! You can do a hot oil treatment instead of using the deep conditioner. This

L – O – C – O Combo!

Liquid – I either just stick to just water here or use the Ludo leave in.

Oil – The best oils for this step (for me) is between Avocado Oil and Olive Oil. I used to use the Afro Naturel Regrowth Oil here but I realised that it’s quite thick and actually acts as a sealant so I use it at the very end.

Cream – Major developments here – I now use shea butter on my hair * gasp* I was convinced for quite a long time that shea butter was too heavy for my hair and weighed it down until I started using the Le Afrika shea butter and now it’s a staple! Now I feel the lighter creams and butters I used to use are too light and evaporate quickly from my hair. I don’t know if maybe it’s my hair length or what but yea now I love it.

Oil – I finished off by lightly dabbing the regrowth oil to fully seal in the moisture and for a healthy shine.

If you’re a lazy natural you should really listen now
So I sampled this 6 – in 1 cream by Afro Naturals back in 2018 at the Hair Meet and thought it’s amazing but unfortunately they had run out of stock so I couldn’t buy the actual product. So they did best at last year’s NHBots Hair Meet and I got two bottles of this magic in a tub. In essence this cream is said to have all the components of the LOC combo in one tub. So basically after you wash your hair this is all you have to apply and you’re done! And guess what from the 3 or 4 times I’ve used it it actually worked!! The only downside is that my hair dries out quicker than when I LOCO but for the days that I want to speed up my wash day this is a great alternative! You can also use it as a cream in the LOC method! ALSO this cream will get you the most bomb twist outs!!! Its currently not available in Botswana but a little birdie told me it, together with their entire range is coming soon!

What’s in my spritz bottle?

5 drops of peppermint oil
5 drops of tea tree oil
10 drops of olive oil

I did a lot of unlearning in 2019 and remembered that sometimes I’m probably too quick to write off some products and methods too soon or without even properly trying them out. I even Pre-poo now! I used to think pre-pooing was just an unnecessary process that just elongated the wash day process but now I see its value! Has that happened to you guys? Are there any products/ methods that you hated or deemed unnecessary at some point but now can’t live without? Let’s chat in the comments!

NB: The majority of the products I use I buy from Clicks and Hair Mart 🙂 check the Le Afrika page to find out where to purchase their products!


4 thoughts on “Product Update!

  1. My biggest game changer has been prepooing/hot oil treatment with every wash. My hair is not softer and tangles less. My spritz is now down to only 2 products which did a 360 on my hair retaining moisture and those are Aloe Vera Juice and Glycerin . Yep only those 2. Then I can either seal with Fro Girls leave in conditioner or the Fro Girls Shea butter cream. Thats it. My hair stays moisturised for days. Id only come back on the 4th day just to spritz and thats it. Im still struggling a bit with shedding though Im 9 months post-partum, but it has reduced and all my edges are back. Also single strand knots are challenging, though I dusted my ends not too long ago. I think I need to get myself hair shears online not just scissors, seeing we don’t have shears sold locally. I believe this could really help my ends thrive.


    1. Aah thank you for your comment! Hmm I’ve actually never tried glycerin on my hair hey! I’ll look into it! Great to hear you’ve got a solid regimen that working for you!

      I lost so much hair post partum… I actually only realised recently. I would lose small chunks after every wash day so i didn’t notice how much hair I was actually losing. I think it’s finally cleared.

      I actually got scissors to try learn to trim my ends during the lockdown. You’re right couldn’t find shears anywhere so I settled for the scissors 🤷🏽‍♀️


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