Tap On Post-partum Shedding

So I’m sure you guys know by now that I love my hair. So when I found out I was pregnant one of the topics I researched heavily on was Post-partum shedding/hair loss!

From my research I found that while you cannot completely prevent the shedding from happening there are steps you can take to help minimize the impact it will have on your hair! So I did everything and more to make sure I didn’t end up getting hit hard by this scary hair loss monster. lol

What is it??

In essence postpartum hair loss or shedding is caused by hormonal imbalance. During your pregnancy the levels of hormones that induce hair growth increase causing more hair growth. Also your hair goes into resting cycle so it’s retained more. Simply put, even the normal shedding of hair we experience is brought to a minimum so you hardly lose hair during this period.  That’s why most women will experience longer and more lush hair during pregnancy. Plus you’re probably taking pregnancy supplements so that adds too!. 

After giving birth your body will return back to normal and so will your hormones too and through that process you may experience hair loss. Your hair will basically be playing catch up and getting rid of the excess hair that was retained during the resting cycle. Sometimes you might have your hair thinning too.

So practically speaking post-birth is when you should really be mindful of ways to help ease your hair into the transition back to the status quo. Buuuuut for me I started way before. I was not taking any chances! So I’ll take you guys through my haircare routine during my pregnancy and after I gave birth.

Preggie Tap Regimen 🙂

IMG_1806 2
Peep my nose! meh! this was taken in November 2018 just as I was entering my third trimester! My hair was flourishing!

Okay so one thing we can all agree on is that when you’re pregnant you are hardly ever in the mood to do anything because maaaan carrying a life inside you is a job itself! Trust me I had my fair share of lazy days but the hair loss monster pushed me to do at the very least the bare minimum for my hair on those bad days!

In terms of the actual regimen I didn’t change much from my normal regimen. The main change I made was incorporate protein treatments more regularly (once a month as opposed to quarterly as I did before). Listen in my head this was necessary reinforcement. The plan was to get my hair so strong and packed with gang nutrients so when the hair loss ninjas came I was ready for war! (dramatic much?!).

I also tried to switch to 100% organic – chemical free products to protect my baby :’). That’s when I decided to try out the Fro Girls Herbal Treatment and feel in love. I used this product right through my pregnancy and has become a staple in my regimen to date because its that great. I tried to deep condition weekly but sometimes it was just not happening so I’d skip a week (or two). Remember during this period your hair is thriving so you can get away with quite a bit!

Lazy Preggie wash day :’)

On the days where I absolutely did not have it in me to wash my hair this is literally what I did 🙂 –

  1. Spritz – I would literally spray water all across my hair till it was damp.
  2. Treatment – I would section my hair into four parts and apply either the Herbal Treatment I spoke about above or a protein treatment and plait it.
  3. Steam – I’d steam for 15 – 30mins then wash off. (If you’re in BW and would like one drop me a DM!)
  4. LOC – Then without sectioning my hair – do a quick LOC method. I’d literally dab a whole lot of leave in conditioner to my entire mane – massage for a bit. Then same with Oil and cream and force it into a pineapple bun (this was my go – to style during my pregnancy!
  5. DONE! – I could be done in literally under an hour but my hair would be happy Shem!
this was me throughout my pregnancy – pineapple up do for the win!


I trimmed my hair once during my pregnancy then trimmed again around 2 months after giving birth. Mainly because I noticed spilt ends and knots on my tips so wanted to make sure I got rid of those to reduce tangling and ultimately hair loss. Trimming is essential for hair retention.

I trimmed my hair without blowdrying because the heat diet is still a thing in my life. However, I think I’m finally over it. I’m craving a blow out :’) #WatchThis Space

Getting my hair trimmed by Abel at Hair Essentials (Masa Centre) – 2 months postpartum


My hair kinda took a back seat after I gave birth because weeellll I had bigger fish to fry! I was more invested in taking my first days as a mother in and just settling into the role and of course admiring my beautiful little girl!

With that said after giving birth I didn’t experience much of a change in my hair, it was still popping! I made sure I continued to take my pregnancy supplements and eat as healthy as I could and of course drink loads of water. I had my hair in cornrows (the utlimate preggie protective style!) for the bulk of the time after giving birth so I hardly had to do a full on wash. I would just “refresh” my hair (see pic below).

by wash I meant co-wash.


So I’m sure you guys are dying to know if with all the preventative measures I took whether I experienced postpartum hair loss? The answer is yes 😦 Pains me to say but I did. I’d say it hit most once between the 3 and 4 month postpartum mark.

I shed way more than usual but I think because my hair is pretty thick and voluminous it isn’t noticeable (but I see it *cries in hair loss*). Even with loads of conditioner packed in my hair I still noticed quite a bit of hair shedding when I detangled my hair. I tried to be as gently as possible and use my fingers more to detangle but yea didn’t really help. But this I got over pretty fast. What got me was the hair loss on my hairline! THE ABSOLUTE HORROR (see pics below)!

look at the patch 😦

I am just about 6 months postpartum and I think my hair is going back to its normal self if it hasn’t fully transitioned back. They say you return to your normal hair cycle between 6 – 12 months postpartum so I’m hoping the worst is over! To be honest I consider myself pretty lucky because compared to other stories I’ve seen from friends and online I had it pretty good. My hairline is already slowly growing in. I massage a bit of the hair regrowth oil by Afro Natural every morning and evening to the affected areas and its working pretty well for me 🙂

I do believe in my heart of hearts that the specialized TLC I gave my hair really helped 🙂

I really hope this post was informative and helps you if you’re pregnant, just gave birth and are worried about experiencing postpartum hair loss or just care to know more about this topic. Some women don’t experience it at all and some women literally watch chunks of their hair fall off and end up bald. It’s a scary and sensitive phase! But remember that it will grow back and if you lose a lot more hair than expected and end up with short hair (or no hair at all) it might just be a blessing in disguise. A friend told me she was super stressed/depressed at first but then she noticed how relieved she got when she realized she didn’t have to worry about her hair and could focus all her energy on her baby. It also gave her the opportunity to grow her hair out with her baby girl! Now if that isn’t turning lemons into lemonade then I don’t know! ❤ Women are the world’s most precious treasures I tell you. We experience the absolute most!

Did you experience postpartum hair loss? Are you pregnant and doing anything else to try prevent the impact? Any questions? Lets chat in the comments section!

Mommy Taps ❤


4 thoughts on “Tap On Post-partum Shedding

  1. hei..tell me about hairline loss.I almost cut my hair this past weekend but decided to nurse it back to normal.Imagine 5 years I have grown my hair and never had any problems till now.


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