Review: Fro Girls BW – Herbal Hair Treatment

If you follow me on Instagram then I’m sure you’ve definitely seen that I am forever raving about this Herbal Hair Treatment by FroGirls BW! My hair absolutely loves it! Like looooove!What I love most about it is that it’s 3 in 1! It’s a co-wash, deep conditioner and Detangler all in one! Can you believe!!!! ♥️I’m actively trying to reduce use of chemicals on both my hair and skin so I totally love that it’s 100% organic! (See ingredients in the pic below!)


Ingredients are Moroccan rhassoul clay, moringa powder, neem powder , kokum butter, marula oil and shea butter

Directions for Use by Taps:

  • Once I’ve washed out conditioner, I section my hair into 4 parts. I then apply the treatment to each part then I braid it.
  • If I use my electric steamer hat I’ll leave on the treatment for 30mins otherwise I just put on my shower cap and leave it on for anything between 1-4hrs depending on how my day is going 🙂
  • I wash it off with cold water and my hair always feels and looks AH-mazing! Then I’ll do the usual LOC Method and twists or style it.
  • The brains behind this product and brand is a young Botswana female which is all the more reason to love and definitely want to support by trying it out!

I’ve been using this treatment for over 6 months now and I believe its helped strengthen my hair because my shedding is minimal.. I’m 3 months postpartum and I haven’t experienced any shedding yet! (I pray I don’t) and my hair feels lush and soft after using this treatment!

If you like using products with a scent then you might have a bit of a problem with this product but I don’t mind it, its a herbal product after all. Plus the end-result compensates! Also if you have longer hair like mine you’ll easily get through a jar in one use so it can get a bit costly if you are trying to treat your hair weekly!

Price: BWP 90

Social Media: FroGirls BW
Contact for Orders: +267 77 003 956 (Botswana)

Have you used this product before? Let me know how you found it!



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