Guess Who’s Back!

If you love me or at least care a bit (lol) you would have noticed that I have been MIA for quite sometime here! My apologies but I’ve been “preoccupied” to say the very least! “With what?” you might ask… well see pic below!

BOOM! This was me in my third trimester.

Sooo yea last year May I found out the great news that I was with child and so I drastically reduced by social media activity and interaction because I just really wanted to take in the whole process and enjoy the journey alone and with my loved ones. Plus to be honest I was just lazy to do anything and the fatigue didn’t help either!

But just to share briefly on my pregnancy! I had my days but in the grand scheme of things I’d say I was so blessed to have had a pretty problem-free and enjoyable pregnancy. Hardly had any cravings and my nausea was bearable 🙂 I did pilates throughout my pregnancy till the last weeks before I gave birth so I pretty much remained my normal active self throughout 🙂


I am now 2 and a half months post partum and I think I’m only now really settling into the role of being a mommy. After I gave birth and before discharging me, my doctor gave me a pep talk that has been ringing in my head since! He told me that as much as my life was going to change because of the new addition I should try maintain the following hierarchy in order to live a happy and balanced life;

  1. I should come first. Basically I should make sure that my cup remains full before I can give myself to anyone or anything else.  To avoid me loosing myself and flatlining .
  2. My relationship with my baby dzaddy should follow. For us to be great parents we have to have a solid relationship and keep the love alive.
  3. The baby should come third. If both me and Theo are our best selves and our relationship is healthy then naturally we would be the best parents to our little girl 🙂
Do you agree or nah?
❤ Mom & Dad ❤

Like I said this pep talk has been ringing a lot in my head mainly because I agree with his advice! Since I’ve gotten to a point where I have control over my life again, I’ve been thinking of what I have to do to make sure my cup remains full. I came up with multiple things to make sure my mind, body and soul remain in check! And of course one thing that I enjoy and is fulfilling for me is blogging about natural hair and so obviously I told myself I have to revive my blog and so here I am!

I’m already working on new content and so stay tuned!

Thank you to all my followers who held on and for my new followers welcome!


Mommy Taps ❤


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