I feel like a lot of my fellow naturalistas will relate to the title of this blog post. Do you feel like your hair is not growing yet you have done everything you possibly can to facilitate its growth?

There’s plenty of factors that can affect hair growth and sometimes it’s just a matter of dropping one product or tweaking your hair regimen a bit to get your hair growth back on track. I’ll highlight what I think are the leadings factors that might be stunting your hair growth! The trick is really in developing a system that retains length because our hair naturally does grow…it’s just what we do after it grows that determines a lot!



This is my hair is full shrinkage mode 🙂

We often forget how misleading shrinkage can be! If you hardly stretch out your hair and mostly leave it in full shrinkage form, then you can easily fall into the “my hair isn’t growing” trap. This is mainly because its pretty hard to track growth when your hair is all coiled/curled up. You’ll only visibly notice growth after months!

I also fell into this trap at some point and then I saw the light and started tracking my growth by stretching out my hair monthly to measure my growth. That’s when I started noticing steady growth! So if you haven’t tried this out you might want to, trust me you’ll be surprised!

If you'd like to purchase a customized length-check t-shirt to help track your hair growth, email me here for more info (For Botswana only)!



Too Much Heat is bad for you kids!

Generally its advisable to avoid heat as much as possible but if you take all necessary precautions such as use heat protectant and low heat your hair will not get any damage from the heat. By “heat” I mean use of blow dryers, straighteners, tongs  – basically any device that applies heat to your hair.

Excessive use of heat can damage your hair and cause it to break and therefore even if your hair is growing, you won’t notice growth because you are losing hair on the other end. There’s other ways of stretching out your hair without using heat, read about it here . If you know you blow your hair out weekly or every other day, chances are you might suffer from heat damage and that’s why you aren’t noticing growth. Limit yourself to maybe blowing out once a month or quarterly to help revive your hair. Who knows you might end up not needing to use heat at all. I’m on month 4 (yay me!) without using heat on my hair!



IMG_6946 2
Are you also guilty of pulling on your hair when you’re maybe watching tv or reading a book? – bad bad habit!

Over – manipulation when simply put is when you harass your hair and don’t treat it with the care it deserves.

Our hair is fragile and you need to be gentle with it. I know we all go through that “dora the explorer” phase when you want to try all the cool treatments and styles we see online and so you’re basically doing something to your hair every day or every other day. “Over- caring” is a thing and your hair can suffer! For example brushing your hair multiple times in a day or subconsciously pulling on a certain area of your hair can cause it to break. You won’t notice it much now but over a period of time you can find that you will have lost a considerable amount of hair or might even develop a bald patch in the area you fiddle with most.

The best solution if you feel you’re guilty of over – manipulation is to get protective hairstyles more often. When your hair is in a style it will prevent you from handling it on a daily basis and will give your hair that break it deserves and a change to be great! Protective styles is number 1 when it comes to retaining length, you’ll definitely notice growth!



One of the most abused lines by us Natural Hair Gurus (incase you forgot!lol) is – “what works for me might not work for you”. This makes it pretty difficult to tell someone what products they should use or not use and what techniques they should incorporate into their regimen or remove.

Basically sometimes we rush to use a certain product because we hear everyone else raving about it only to find our hair doesn’t  react well to it. But because you’ve seen what it’s done for others you persist with it even though your hair is not liking it all! Think about it this way if you eat something you’re allergic to your body will react badly to it so the only remedy is to cut it off completely right? Same for your hair. You might find that that product is the reason why your hair is feeling dry or brittle and is therefore breaking!

I experienced this in my early fro years with none other than COCONUT OIL! Imagine how much this oil is praised! So of course I rushed to use it! I smothered my hair with it every other day! It was in my spritz bottle! It was everywhere! Maaaaan can I tell you how dry my hair got! My hair hated it! It started feeling like steel wool! What’s worse is that my facial skin hated it as well so I broke out. MESS! BUT the minute I swapped the coconut oil for jojoba oil my hair started doing amazing things! Now I am at a point where I’ve tried and tested quite a number of oils and now know what works for my hair and what doesn’t. Unfortunately with products and regimens, trial and error is the only way you’ll truly discover the best things for your hair! ENJOY!!!


You’re advised to trim your ends after every three months, however, once you’ve gotten to a point where you really know your hair you can instantly pick up the signs when you are due for a trim! So you would only trim as and when the need arises as opposed to just basing it on time.

Split ends mean the tips of your hair are damaged and the longer you go without trimming the further up the split ends will go in damaging your strands. Your hair will definitely break and when you do finally trim the ends you will have to part with a huge chunk of your hair! Again I’ve experienced this and it is not fun at all!

The most obvious sign that you are due for a trim is when your hair starts tangling up more that usual and knots up. It will also break more than usual when you detangle! So if you haven’t been to trim your hair in a while you should probably check your hairstylist or check YouTube if you are about the DIY life!

Last but not least….




close up of food
Photo by Pixabay on


So diet and exercise is that one combo that WE KNOW could solve a lot of our problems (health, skin, hair!) but for one reason or the other is so hard to follow religiously so a lot of us fall off. I am guilty of this!

It is so important to make sure you include foods in your diet that contain nutrients that your hair requires to help boost and retain growth. Sometimes if you lack a certain nutrient in your body it can cause your hair to shed more that usual. The top nutrients your hair thrives from are:


  • Biotin
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • WATER!
  • Vitamin Bs
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3 & Omega Fatty Acids

So you can google various foods available in your region that include the above nutrients and try incorporate them into your diet! I’m sure your hair will love you for that! If at all you’d prefer to take supplements, there’s quite a number of hair supplements on the market. You can just do a bit of research and find what suits you best! Exercise also! (Says the girl who hasn’t been to gym since November smh)


Let me know if the post was of any help! and as always if you have any other tips to add on or anything you’d like to share or ask! HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!




11 thoughts on “MY HAIR ISN’T GROWING!!!

  1. Woah coconut oil broke you out!? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that! Even people that don’t buy the right coconut oil praise it lol! I use it lightly everyday on my hair and it gives it that conditioned feel! Everyone is different! Like products with fragrance (which is just about everything) break me out so bad! Thanks for sharing tips! I enjoyed the read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for extremely late response, I just realised my comments weren’t going through for a lot of my posts!

      girl I cannot stand coconut oil! I was so hype because everyone literally praised it!…but ah well I’m glad it works for you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hey I’m like a year late on this lol but I’ve learned that coconut is considered a tree nut so it’s not uncommon for someone to be allergic to it! There’s so many other amazing oils out there that I’m sure wont break you out but will be just as nourishing!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lame, super sorry for late response!

      no you do not have to stretch it…I finally found a hairdresser who can trim my hair without blowing it out first..Abel at Hair Essentials did best!


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