I’m On A ‘ZERO-HEAT’ Diet

If you saw my Instagram post a few weeks back then you know about my heartbreaking encounter with heat damage! If you missed it you can read about it here. Basically I am just traumatized and do not want heat near my hair FOREVER!..jokes, probably till the wounds heal. For that reason I am now on a ‘Zero-Heat’ diet for my hair until further notice and so I’ll be sticking to my top fave traditional ways of stretching out my hair without heat and thought I might as well share with my faves! (that’s you reading this incase you were wondering lol!)

There are maaaany ways of stretching out your hair but I think I have 4 or 5 top methods I use which I think are fairly easy and quick to do 🙂 Just as a precursor, please note that I normally do these styles/methods when my hair is well moisturized and most of the time it will be damp, just makes it easier to manage and reduces the risk of breakage and/or damage.

These are my top 4 ways I stretch out my hair 🙂


  1. 2-Strand Twists

This is probably my favorite out of all the above methods simply because its the easiest and quickest to get done for me :’) The awesome thing about all these methods is that they can also double up as protective hairstyles! You can also play around with the sizes of the twists as they will result in different size curls. Because I rep the “Lazy Naturals” crew I normally just go for the chunky twists :’) see pic below to see the texture of my hair after I undid the twist (it isn’t the most defined twist-out I’ve done, probably because I didn’t leave it to set properly, but you get the idea :’) ) You can simply use this method to stretch out your hair or to achieve a twist-out which is another lovely way of styling your kinks!


2.  3-Strand Braids

This is the old school style that I’m sure we all know 🙂 Just like the 2-strand twist this method is fairly easy to do, doubles up as a protective style and also gives you a lovely funky style once you unbraid your hair! But most importantly also effectively stretches your hair out! The thickness of the braid will also determine the curl pattern you’ll get once you unbraid your hair.

Results – Braid Out


3. Wool

This is another method that I guess I can term “old-school” because for a lot of us this is how we used to have our hair styled in our younger years. With this method you basically tightly (not too tight) wrap the wool around your hair all the way down. This method I find straightens out my hair the most, so I love to use it when I’m prepping my hair for a protective hairstyle. If you look at the picture above you’ll even notice that my hair looks the longest on the section stretched out with wool.

Now some people find that wool dries their hair out so if you have the same issue you can swap wool for thread, Brazilian wool or really any other material that will achieve the same effect. I love wool ‘coz you can cook up some pretty and simple protective styles to get you by as well!


4. Tiny Elastic/Rubber Bands

I use this method the least because its probably the most time consuming but maaan it makes the cutest styles! I find it also straightens out your hair pretty well! but yea you have to have all the time for it, Issa lot of work, removing the bands can also be quite the challenge!

Pretty Straight huh?


5. Bantu Knots


Easily my Top 5 fave hairstyles! But my only issue with this method of stretching out your hair is HOW DO YOU SLEEP?! I absolutely cannot sleep with these knots on my head so I hardly even use this method. With the other methods above I’ll either leave them overnight or rock them for a few days before I remove them, I can’t do that with the knots unfortunately. But if you do miraculously have a formula to survive with these for some time, once you remove them the knots will give you a nice loose curl if you get them right and makes such a cute hairstyle!


So in terms of styling and stretching my hair this is how I’ll be living for some time while I deal with my broken heat-damaged heart :’) – how dramatic am I? But let me just say if you are going to use heat on your hair just make sure its not excessive and that you use a heat protectant!

I’m low-key excited and curious to see how long I can go without heat! #ChallengeAccepted! What methods do you use to stretch out your hair and do you have a horror story with heat?! Lets chat in the comments!



7 thoughts on “I’m On A ‘ZERO-HEAT’ Diet

  1. I haven’t straightened my hair in about three years. i normally just embrace the shrinkage but now i think of it ive been incorporating these stretching styles unconsciously


  2. The Bantu knots have great results but are a total drag to sleep on. LOL. In the past, when I’ve done them, I’ve tried to pin them as flat as possible. Or turn a two-strand twist into a bantu knot. It’s much more comfortable that way.


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