So the past couple of days for me a been rather hellish! Early mornings and late nights so as you can imagine my normal hair care routine was disrupted! I didn’t even have time to mix my spritz potion! It was bad!

*Cues Miracle Milk*


This Miracle Milk is a life-saver! ALL-IN-ONE MAGIC! So I have literally been living off just this spray for a week and a bit and I’m really loving this product! Its like a “Get out of Jail Free” card because wow I even skipped a wash day but my hair didn’t even react negatively nor was it drying out! Its primarily a leave-in conditioner but it does sooo much more, I’ll list all its benefits in a bit.

Throughout the period in which I’ve been using this product my hair has remained nourished and moisturized and it feels so soft and smooth! I continued using it after I got my protective style and it kept my hair looking shiny and my scalp wasn’t complaining too! The hair is happy! What I also love about it is that its lightweight and penetrates my hair pretty well, I hate products that weigh my hair down! All in All a great product which I will definitely continue using even on good days lol!

25 Benefits of the Miracle Milk

(as written on the product)

  1. Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner
  2. Lightweight results
  3. Controls Fly-aways
  4. Reduces Dryness
  5. Helps Condition Transitioning Hair
  6. Adds Smoothness
  7. Aids in Restoring Softness
  8. Gives a Silky Touch
  9. Helps Control Frizz
  10. Helps Protect Hair During Brushing
  11. Helps Prevent Heat Damage
  12. Helps Shield Against External Aggressors
  13. Helps Prevent Split Ends
  14. Improves Manageability
  15. Primes Hair for Styling
  16. Helps Seal the Cuticle
  17. Ideal Cutting Lotion
  18. Helps Even out Porous Hair
  19. Improves Quality of Relaxed Hair
  20. Detangles
  21. Makes Blow-Drying Easier
  22. Adds Shine
  23. Safe For Colour Treated Hair
  24. Style Refresher
  25. Instant Result


I got it from Hair Scene (Riverwalk Mall) for BWP 250.00. I know its more on the pricy side but after using it I get why… trust me its worth it!

Have you used this product before? How did you find it? Will you be trying it out after reading this review? Catch you guys in the comment section!


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