Starter Pack (v.2.0)

Forgive me for I have sinned…

So last night as I was prepping for bed I realized I had left out one important element in my starter park! *covers face* it also occurred to me that I probably left it out because its something that is easily overlooked but is so important to have and incorporate into your daily hair care regimen.

So lets just act like this bit below was part of my previous post but for some weird reason it wasn’t visible and its not my fault! *lol*


Okay so since young we knew when you go to bed you either wrap up your hair with a tukwi/doek (cotton head scarf) or cut up pantyhose. So you can imagine my confusion/shock once I was went natural, did some research and found out that sleeping with your hair wrapped in the aforementioned items was damaging to your hair! like wtf? after all these years!

So basically, cotton sucks out moisture from your hair so sleeping with a cotton headwrap or directly on a cotton pillowcase means the cotton absorbs all the moisture from your hair overnight and will therefore have the effect of drying out your hair. Also, the texture of cotton is quite rough for our hair and so when we toss and turn at night the rubbing of your hair and the cotton causes damage to your hair causing split ends and frizz! scary right?!

Soooo who do you call? we call the SATIN-BUSTERS! haha wow how wack am I?

On a more serious note, Satin is the answer to our problems. Satin has a more delicate and silky texture which is perfect for our natural hair. So no friction and damage occurs when our hair rubs on the satin and so no damage! Also the satin helps with moisture retention so you won’t lose any moisture as opposed to when you use cotton. The satin also helps maintain the state of your hair because your hair doesn’t get hooked to the fabric so your hair won’t tangle up as much. For example a wash and go will last longer because your curls/coils will preserved better.

As you can see in the images above there are different variations of satin items you can use on your hair, there’s bonnets, headscarfs and you can even get satin pillowcases if you aren’t a fan of wrapping your hair up overnight. They all are equally as effective.  But can I just say I look ridiculous in my bonnet so whenever I want to look “cute” going to bed I’ll normally go for the headscarf instead :’).



The same logic applies with towels as with the cotton headscarf. Again something we have all been using all our lives turns out to be bad for our hair! Smh!

The texture of a towel is rough and damaging to your hair, even if you’re extra gentle when drying out your hair. Well the only kind of towel you could probably get away with using is a micro-fibre towel, but I’d imagine those would be quite pricey! Especially considering the fact that the alternative to the towel is lying right there in your closet! What would that be you might ask? A T-Shirt. Yup you read that right! A t-shirt comes highly recommended as the alternative for using a towel to dry your hair because its basically softer and much more forgiving to your hair but gets the job done!

I normally just tie it up like in the picture below and gently massage the t-shirt into my hair in circular motions to dry it up.. simple as that!

Drying my hair out with a T-Shirt


I definitely noticed the change in my hair once I got myself the satin wrap & bonnet and dumped the towel for my t-shirt! Before I noticed that I’d wash my hair, moisturize it and all, and it would feel amazing right before I went to bed but when I woke up in the morning, my hair would be the opposite. It would be dry and my twists would be all tangled up together.  So the above items I’ve covered in this post definitely have to form part of your starter pack! The sooner you incorporate these into your hair care regimen the better!

If you have any further questions or any stories to share I’ll catch you in the comments below!

Thanks for reading in!



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