My Natural Hair Starter Pack.

Okay so remember from my last post I explained how I am literally going to start from the beginning and work my way up! So yea I meant it :’) So if you aren’t so much a newbie in these natural hair streets this will be more like a refresher for you.

So the items I’ll cover below are my idea of the staples every natural hair queen needs to kick start their natural hair journey and will use right through out. I basically use everything below and have been for as long as I can remember (well except the hair clips ,those are new and I have only one word to describe them -> revolutionary!..ill expand on this later)





For me this is where all the magic happens! Fun thing about natural hair is that it somehow unlocks your experimental/DIY side (well it did for me okay! lol) and so in this here mixing cup I have created endless amazing concoctions, home made conditioners, deep conditioners, treatment etc…the moral of the story is this is a must. 🙂

Fact of the matter is you just need a container and something to mix with. To be honest I have only had this set for just over a year… all the years before I just used an old container I found lying around and used an old toothbrush to mix my concoctions, so you can work with whatever you already have hey  :’)



So you’ll need either one of these to help you with detangling your hair during your wash routine. They are different but basically serve the same purpose. My favorite is the wooden brush followed by the detangling brush they both work best with detangling my hair.  Side note: My mom got the detangling brush for like BWP 5.00 at a Chinese store back in the day and its seen me through all these years *cries tears of love*

I hardly use the wide tooth comb, it just doesn’t do it for me, you see that chip on that first tooth right? lets just say I had a painful experience with it lol! But for some people it works just alright so don’t write it off without giving it a try! But I do remember I used it more when my hair was still pretty short (and the afro comb as well) but once I gained length things went left!

These are the top brushes/combs I recommend, the thin-toothed combs naturally would be a nightmare to detangle with; your hair would definitely be susceptible to breaking and it might also be a painful experience not to mention the time you would spend. So yea just stay away from those when detangling!

Tip: Make sure your hair is damp and has either conditioner or any detangling product when detangling. This makes it easier because it'll have that slip and protects it from getting damaged. Detangling dry hair is a recipe for disaster!


Spritz Bottle
Ingredients: 1/2 water, 1/2 aloe vera juice, 5 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of Afro Natural Crazy Pouss Hair Oil (my fave mixture currently)


Herewith another opportunity to channel your inner Dora the Explora and develop various mixtures! So as you go you’ll see how  this bottle and the spritz mixture(s) you’ll cook up in there will become your best friend. I even carry it in my hand bag on those rough days when my hair is going through a dry spell! *cats out the bag* Basically you can start off with water and an oil of your choice to create your spritz mix and then build on that  till you find the perfect mix.

I normally spritz before I go to bed and dab a cream over my hair to lock in the moisture and again in the morning to wake my hair up or to get it damp enough to style if necessary. You would use it the same way you use normal hair sprays but nice thing about this is that you tailor make it to suit your hair need(s). So my spritz will vary depending on the state of my hair.  Like I said if my hair is feeling super dry I will carry it with me and I’ll sneak in a young spritz during the day to keep it moisturized. 🙂

Alternatively you can re-use a spray bottle you already have in the house, no need to buy one unless you want to :) One of the Air Wick - Air Fresheners comes in this clear bottle  and it makes a bomb spritz bottle!- just wash it thoroughly I beg!





So these are definitely necessary once you start gaining length for styling! Notice these hair ties don’t have that metal part like the old school ones we used to use. Try avoid those because there’s high chances of your hair getting stuck in between there or the metal hooking on your hair and damaging it. when you remove it. Go for the kind in the pic! As you can see they come in different sizes and you can also get them in numerous colors if you like. I’m an all black girl (no pun intended).

The bobby pins are a must! a need! They help achieve various hairstyles and hold them in place. You have to be careful though when using them, especially when removing them from your hair. Try not to yank out any hair strands that might still clipped on to it. Other than that you’ll be good to go! Again they also come in different sizes and colours – the gold ones are current in style! They instantly glam up your look!




To be honest these would be added to like a “Premium Natural Hair Starter Pack” in my opinion lol. They aren’t really a basic need for your starter pack. Like I said earlier I didn’t get them until a few days back BUT after trying them out once to hold my hair after sectioning it, I realized their value!

Before I would use hair ties after sectioning my hair to hold it e.g during detangling, but removing the hair tie and putting it back on after dealing with a section of my hair proved to be a bit of a hassle. Plus I often had my wet/damn hair get tangled on the hair tie so sometimes I would lose a strand or two when removing it. With the clips the tangling is completely erased plus are very user-friendly!


This is my starter pack for naturals folks! Are these also your staples? Any additions or subtractions! Lets chat in the comments section!






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